sound artist · sound thinker



Born in Denmark (1985), now living and working in Berlin. Jacob Eriksen is making sound art, conceptual art, experimental music and academic and artistic research in the crossover between order and chaos, synthesis and organism, philosophy and aesthetics, and on the threshold of various forms of perceptions.

Founder of Salon for Sound Thinking - a reading circle on philosophy, theory and the arts with focus on how to think sound. Taking place in Neukölln, Berlin. Please get in touch if interested in joining the reading circle.

Currently teaching at Berlin University of the Arts, Humboldt University of Berlin and Rhythmic Music Conservatory, Copenhagen.

Master of Arts in Sound Studies
Berlin University of the Arts, Germany (2013-2015)

Bachelor of Arts in Musicology with elective studies in Philosophy and Modern Cultures
University of Copenhagen, Denmark (2008-2012)

Studies in Philosophy
York University, Toronto, Canada (2011)