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"Chronopolis“ on the Berlin based Cashmere Radio presents generative music with enough time to let it truly generate itself: Every two weeks a guest is presenting a new piece of generative music which is then continuously broadcasted live 24/7 until the next show. Hosted/curated by Jacob Eriksen, Lukas Grundmann and Gregor Pfeffer.

Contact: chronopolis@cashmereradio.com

Listen here: Cashmere Radio

Niko LFO "Hanz ■ Memorial". July 13 - August 18 2015.
Brian May "Sonic Network n.14". June 30 - July 13 2015.
Annie Goh "WendelsteinPLUS". June 16-30 2015.
Alexandra Cárdenas "47 Umdrehungen". June 2-16 2015.