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Sound installation with visuals.

In the exhibition white noise will be played through loudspeakers. White noise can be interpreted as a representation of all possible sounds over all time. In other words any possible sound is covered in white noise. Now, the sound that is picked up by a microphone in the street has a distinct frequency spectrum and this spectrum will be inverted so that it acts as a subtraction from the full white noise. During the exhibition more and more of the white noise will disappear, so that at the end what one hears is the sound that is not heard in the street of Porto during the exhibition. Posters of the sound states during the exhibition will be printed and hung up on the wall.

The installation was exhibited in collaboration with Hans Peter Kuhn and Martyna Poznanska.

Thanks to Felipe Sanchez Luna (programming in Max MSP), Joao Sousa (technical and practical support in Porto), and Hans Peter Kuhn (artistic advise).

Exhibited at:
Harmos Plural, Porto, September 2014.