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Objects Also Die


"Objects Also Die" by Jacob Eriksen is the auditory part of the art project "House of stories" by Carina Erdmann featuring 10 writers + 10 performers on all 5 levels of the Amsterdam auction house De Zwaan.

Objects as mute witnesses retain the history they have experienced, like a vessel. Through the sensibilities of different minds and bodies, the objects can voice their material memory, thus engaging in a dialogue across the limits of time and space. Rather than presenting a coherent version of truth, new reflexive story lines are established at the intersections and fractions of collective memory.

In the sound installation composed by Jacob Eriksen, the objects are converged into an ongoing symphony with the aid of Raman spectroscopy - a technique in which molecular structures are made to vibrate by monochromatic light.

What the visitor will hear in the exhibition are the sonifications of the individual Raman spectres of ten selected objects. A sonification is a translation of something inaudible into sound. In the process of the translation there will always be a human factor deciding how the chosen material is to be made audible.

The sound works by Jacob Eriksen are focussing on bringing out the potential aesthetic qualities inherent in the objects through artistic translations: The resonance between the objects and the artist.

Released March 17, 2017