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Signal-to-Noise Radio

Electronic device + instructions


Turn the signal knob for tuning the FM transmitter.

Push the noise button for transmitting white noise at the selected FM frequency. The transmission will only last as long as the noise button is pushed.

You are free to make transmission strategies as you wish, e.g.: block out a radio station your find annoying and play a soothing white noise to free other listeners from the harm the radio station is doing to them; transmit a message through morse code; censor out speakers in debate programs; etc.

As the active perceiver of "Signal-to-Noise Radio" you will take the place of the sender and thus not perceive any sound. Only passive or unaware perceivers will be able to hear the audible outcome of the FM transmitter, and that is only if they are nearby a turned on FM radio, which is in the transmitted radius and tuned in to the same frequency as the one transmitted.

N.B.: Unauthorised radio transmission is illegal in some countries.