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Singing Stones

Voices from field recordings

Part of the installation "Singing Stones" made in collaboration with Lukas Grundmann, Jasmine Guffond, Gregor Pfeffer and Martyna Poznanska for Madeira Micro International Film Festival 2014 in Ponta do Sol (PT).
The aim of field recording is often to find and record sounds in nature or urban areas, and thus is any sound made by the recordist or the recording equipment unwanted to maintain the optimal transparency. Though during the process of field recording unwanted sounds will inevitably occur.
In the making of the field recordings to the installation Singing Stones on Madeira a lot of speech was accidentally recorded. Normally you would cut out those part of the the recordings, but instead of doing so I chose to work with that as a material. Much of the speaking was about the process of the recording itself and others were just random conversations happening while the recorder was still running.