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When Noise Is Absent, Noise There Will Be

Solo Exhibition
Zwitschermaschine, Potsdamer Str. 161, 10783 Berlin
June 15-24 2018

Noise is usually defined as unwanted sound. We may ask which sounds are unwanted, but the question should rather be how, why and especially by whom are certain sounds unwanted. Addressing the topic of noise this way the unwanted sounds in themselves are not problematic, rather, the dynamics and hegemonies in society are questioned. Power relations are thus defined by those people and organisations who are in the position to establish the public common sense of which elements in society are to be labelled as noisy and which are not. The noise must be inverted.

In the sound exhibition When Noise Is Absent, Noise There Will Be Jacob Eriksen brings two distinct spaces into play: 1) The busy non-place of the traffic-heavy arterial street of Potsdamer Straße, and 2) The neutralised and stripped down white cube gallery where any disturbing element is ideally eliminated.

Synthetically generated white noise is emitted through loudspeakers, which are installed in the otherwise empty gallery space. The generated noise will be modulated in real-time by the sounds from the street picked up by microphones placed outside of the gallery. When the street sounds, the gallery will be silent. When the street is silent, the gallery will sound.