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The quadruple mirror of the with

My main fragmented thought these days is maybe the core of my thesis. Or one of the cores at least. I wonder what is the essence (if we are allowed to talk about that) of the posthuman attitude? I think the one focus that makes the most sense to me is to develop the posthuman attitude around the concept of becoming-with (after Haraway), which must be the fundamental concept that makes it differ from the ideals from modernist thinking (understand the other as other in its separation), post-structuralism (become the other), and postmodernism (anything goes, as with the other, make money, happy-go-lucky). Of these ideals, “becoming-with other” resonates best with “becoming-other”. But the “with” makes the conclusive difference. The with creates a potential quadruple mirror: You project yourself towards the other, and the other towards yourself, yourself towards yourself in the mirroring of the other, and, ideally, the other towards the other in the mirroring with you.